Where Jewish women gather, grow, and connect

Step into our safe, warm, welcoming community created by and for Zionist Jewish women who understand your journey, from being Jewish in a non-Jewish world, to navigating the intricacies of relationships, career, and family, not to mention life’s mishugas since Oct 7.

Inside Smashing Life, you’ll find strength, light, and positivity as we journey together, and amidst our shared experiences, you’ll forge connections that last a lifetime – and experience incredible growth – all within an exclusive sanctuary lovingly crafted by Karen Cinnamon of @yourjewishlife.

20% of your first payment donated to Israeli soldiers (Friends of the IDF)

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Be Jew. Be Bold. Belong.

Smashing Life is a new kind of community that’s rooted in the Jewish values of caring, empathy, and togetherness – empowering the next generation of Jewish women to thrive and prosper


Discover Jewish women in your area who are going through similar experiences and stages of life as you


Join the conversation and connect with Jewish women on topics that matter – ask questions, seek advice, and share your stories in a supportive community


Join groups and connect with Jewish women who share your interests and passions


Take your personal and professional growth to the next level with Smashing Life’s masterclasses, playlists, and curated ‘personal growth tools’ designed to inspire Jewish women

Be Jew. Be Bold. Belong.

No labels, No judgment

– just authentic connection

No labels, No judgement-
just authentic connection

At Smashing Life, we understand that being Jewish means different things to different people, and everyone’s journey is unique. We celebrate those differences and embrace them as part of our community’s strength.

A supportive community that celebrates diversity and empowers you to live your best life

Ready to join the no.1 community exclusively for Jewish women?

Look no further than Smashing Life – founded by Karen Cinnamon of @yourjewishlife – where you’ll find a supportive squad always ready to listen and offer invaluable advice to help you smash your goals and dreams.

Join now and see for yourself why we’re the go-to community for Jewish women everywhere no matter where you are in life, what kind of Jewish upbringing you had, or how observant you are. 

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Smashing Life is more than just an app – it’s a dynamic, supportive community that accepts you – and cheerleads you – exactly as you are

Smashing Life is more than just an app - it's a dynamic, supportive community that accepts you – and cheerleads you – exactly as you are

As wonderful as being Jewish is, it can often feel isolating, lonely and really difficult to find a community who ‘gets’ you.

When we wonder how we fit into the Jewish world we can feel misunderstood, overwhelmed, and afraid to be our true selves.

And that’s where Smashing Life comes in.

It’s the ultimate place for Jewish women to bond, develop, and flourish in a supportive community

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Be Jew. Be Bold. Belong.