Our monthly masterclasses cover everything from Jewish Life to relationships, careers, family planning, raising Jewish children, Friday night dinner hacks, decluttering, managing anxiety, Curly Girl Method, your finances, Imposter Syndrome, and much much more!

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How to stand up to Jew hatred in 2023 {with Karen}
How to make Shabbat your own and ideas to rest and connect Jewishly {with Rabbi Jen Gubitz}
Menstrual Health + Cycle Synching {with holistic nutritionist and women’s health expert Stefanie Adler}
How to live a more authentic life… personally, professionally and Jewishly {with @frumjewishblackboy}
Creating a meaningful Jewish home {with Micaela Ezra, Jewish Life expert, and founder of Ahyin}
How to raise proud Jewish children {with Karen}
How to plan your perfect post-pandemic Jewish trip {with travel experts, Sandra and Danielle}
Jewish grief and mourning – practical tips and candid conversations {with Karen & Emily}
Rediscover who you are as a strong Jewish woman in 2022 and build the life you want – on your terms
How to live a more eco-friendly and sustainable Jewish life (with Liz Reuven of Kosher Like Me)
How to have an organized Jewish life in a modern, busy world {with Rebekah Salzman}
Jewish values – what are they and how to embrace them in 2022 {with Karen}
Jewish Pride, Inclusivity, and How To Tackle Antisemitism {with Ben M Freeman}
How to build and preserve better personal boundaries and why they’re so important {with Karen}
Raising Jewish Children {with Rabbi Robyn Frisch & Nicole Wasilus from 18Doors}
Jewish Grief and Mourning – a practical and spiritual session {Emily Scheinfeld}
How to deal with people who don’t understand your Jewish life {with 18Doors}
Sex Life and Intimacy Q&A
Jewish Cooking {with Leah Koenig}
Managing Anxiety + Coping with Daily Stress {with Rapid Change Therapist Howard Cooper}
Hair Wraps, Hats and Head Coverings: a fashion masterclass for modern Jewish women {with Jessica from The Little Tichel Lady}
How to create a meaningful Shabbat {with Racheli Morris}
Beauty + Skincare Q&A {with Philippa Louise – skincare and beauty expert}
Strategies for Dealing with Difficult Family Members {with Pam Custers}
Impostor Syndrome and How to Rise Above It {with Pam Custers Hearder}
Creative Ways to Dress Up Your Table for Jewish Holidays {with Rebekah Lowin}
Organization + Decluttering Tips {with Sarah Mueller}
Curly Girl Method for Thick Wild Jewish Hair {with makeup artist and fellow Jewish curly girl Katy Angelidii}
How the spiritual ideas behind Jewish rituals can enhance your daily life {with Gila Ross}
Everything You Need to Know about Genetic Carrier Screening {with JScreen}
Friday Night Dinner Hacks + Fave Jewish Recipes {with Amy Becker, founder of What Jew Wanna Eat}
Fusing Your Jewish Identity and Other Aspects of Your Background {with Kristin Eriko Posner}
Getting The Career You Want {with Ada Offonry}
The Secret to Long-Lasting Marriage {with Relationships Expert Pam Custers Hearder}
How To Best Prepare Your Body For Pregnancy {with Dr Natalie Masson}
How to financially prepare for a family and your future + Q&A {with Jonathan and Amanda Teixeira}
How to Turn Your Passion into Profit and Make Money Online {with Karen Cinnamon}
Everything You Need to Know about Jewish Genealogy {with Smashing Lifer and Genealogy expert Amanda Arthur}
Tips for Creating an Unforgettable Wedding Album {with Wedding Photographer Claudine Hartzel}
How to stay fit, eat well, and feel fabulous during pregnancy {with Dahlas Fletcher}
How to host a smashing Seder {with Racheli Morris}
All About Hanukkah Masterclass {with Racheli Morris}
Rosh Hashanah easy menu ideas + meal hacks {with Liz Rueven}
Everything you need to know about Rosh Hashanah {with Racheli Morris}
Healthy Habits: Nutrition + Mindset {with guest expert Lauren Gayfer}